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Happy new year from your friends at LYCC

As 2020 draws to a close, we think back over the last year which has been extraordinary. We haven't been open very much but we very much hope that things will be different in the new year, and that 2021 will herald a new era.

Harold, one of our regular patrons at the Thursday morning breakfast cafe, has written this lovely poem.


We are fast approaching the end of this year

One that has brought us heartbreak and fear,

The virus that spread its tentacles wide

Giving the people nowhere to hide.

Let’s think of the good times instead of the bad

The things that we did that don’t make us sad.

Helping our neighbours who could not go out

Telling each one, “just give me a shout”.

The names of your neighbours that you didn’t know

People going past as they walked to and fro,

The dog walkers and hikers and joggers galore

People that now shop at their local store.

How many of these do you now call a friend

To how many, your friendship do you readily extend,

They will be so thankful for as long as you live

For all of the good deeds you decided to give.

I now have a friend who comes every day

He came in the morning, but decided to stay,

Dressed in a red coat with a brown feathery cap

Songs are his forte, he’s a chirpy young chap.

He has cereal for breakfast and a sandwich for lunch

A piece of cake for his tea he will happily munch,

He’s there in the morning when I open the door

And stands at my feet until his foods on the floor.

So let’s think ourselves lucky if we are still well

There are plenty unable their story to tell,

Look after each other, it costs nothing at all

In the eyes of your friends, you’ll stand very tall.



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